Enterprise Human Risk Forecasting- Taught by Dr. Alexander Stein, PhD

Come learn from the world's leading authority on Human Risk Forecasting and specialist expert in the Psychodynamics of Fraud, Insider Threat, and Executive Malfeasance, Alexander Stein,PhD.

Dr. Alexander Stein is recognized as the preeminent global expert in human risk forecasting and psychodynamic intelligence analysis, and is the Founder of Dolus Advisors, a consultancy delivering predictive insight and actionable solutions in human risk. Dr. Stein advises senior business leaders and boards in aspects of corporate and organizational life with complex psychological underpinnings—ethics, culture, compliance, governance—to help companies proactively detect, mitigate, and respond to all manner of human factor disturbances, such as executive misconduct, fraud, corruption, and insider threats.

He is frequently engaged as specialist advisor to international litigation, investigations, intelligence, and cybersecurity firms to develop sophisticated 3D profiles and precision forecasts of fraudsters or other malicious actors and their networks of affiliates and collaborators, and also consults to technology companies and large consulting firms regarding the deep psychological dimensions of ethical AI and autonomous decision-making agents, and to more accurately forecast and address human and technological risks in an increasingly automation-driven world.

Dr. Stein is a widely published and cited thought leader, including as a regular contributor to Forbes writing on the psychology of leadership and misbehavior in business, and is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at industry conferences and corporate events around the world.

Course Overview:

People are the central element of fraud, cybercrime, and insider malice. Human risk is the most critical and impactful variable in the enterprise risk matrix. Yet the ferocious complexities of the human factor component are generally misunderstood, underestimated, and subordinated.

Consequently, many companies go about their business falsely assured by standard security policies and risk assessment procedures. They scan for statistically predictable, observable known unknowns: warning flags defined by simplistic categorizations of behavioral motivations (greed, disgruntlement, malice, etc). Conventional enterprise functions designed to monitor, regulate, mitigate, control, or remediate quantifiable risks are incapable of proactively identifying and responding to percolating intent, imminent lawless or malicious action, or predictively decoding any of the other nefarious, deceptive, unscrupulous, and negligent shenanigans people engage in.

There are no silver-bullet solutions to nullify human risk. The reality in human affairs is: people are a massive cluster of essentially unpredictable unknown unknowns and early warning signs of impending events are inordinately difficult to discern and interpret. But these risks can nonetheless be more accurately forecast and measurably better mitigated through the strategic application of sophisticated, effective methods for identifying, understanding, and addressing soft and shadow data regarding human behavior and its underpinning drivers.

What you will learn in this class:

  • Fundamentals of Human Risk Forecasting
  • Understanding Human Factors & Psychodynamics in Corporate Governance, Ethics, Compliance and Culture
  • Managing Human Risk: Overcoming the Delta between Blueprint and Reality
  • Leveraging Soft Data and Root Cause Analytics in Complex Human Ecosystems
  • Making Sense of Nonsensical and Down-the-Rabbit-Hole Datasets using Multi-Dimensional Assessments of Mental Architecture and Behavioral Propensities
  • Deploying Predictive Insight as a Valuable Asset in Fraud, White-Collar Malfeasance & Malicious Cyber/Insider Threat Detection, Defense, Mitigation & Recovery
  • How to Render Psychological Portraits of Key Executive Stakeholders and Affiliates (critical applicability for M&A and Pre-Transaction Enhanced Due Diligence)

This is a unique opportunity for C-Suite Executives and Corporate Directors, as well as Risk, Ethics, Compliance, and Chief Information Security Officers, who require enhanced knowledge and skills around the most critical and complex aspect of their enterprise: the human element.

This will be a focused and intimate gathering offered by one of the world's foremost experts in psychodynamic intelligence analysis and human risk forecasting. Seats will fill quickly, so please RSVP promptly. Organizations from every industry and size are welcome, and will be present throughout the two days. Meals will be provided throughout the event, and special prizes will be awarded!